Friday, 23 January 2015

Auli - Skywatch Friday

They say when you are in love the world seems like a beautiful place, Auli is one such place where you can't help but fall in love. I am sharing one such beautiful morning captured in Auli - Uttrakhand (India)

I am already in cloud 9

I could sit here and admire this view for hours

Beautiful view of the Himalayas

Hope you guys enjoyed these pics.

I'm sharing this with my friends at Skywatch


fredamans said...

I can understand why you would just want to sit and stare. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous clouds!

Merisi said...

Paradise on earth, beautifully captured!
Happy Sky (and clouds!) Watch,

Uppal said...

Gorgeous shots!

islam di dadaku said...

everything is beautiful in love

Preeti Datar said...

I loved Auli! Though I went at a time when slow had melted!